Operating until end of September 2020 (not a commercial venture, not a tech startup, just a project)

Techcelerate Network response to Covid-19


Gain new experiences through volunteering

Volunteer from few hours per week, gain new experiences, improve your mental health and be ready to take advantage of your new skills in the future.

All net profits or 50% of revenues, which ever is higher donated to the NHS or NHS related charity

(50% of revenue after payment fees, i.e. 50% of fees received in our bank account)

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Rebuilding the UK economy

Connecting the furloughed with technology startups

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Tech Startups creating opportunities for the furloughed

Connecting the furloughed with tech startups

Furloughed who are volunteering to help tech startups

Bethan Weston
Mitesh Chohan

Why we founded Furloughed Life?

  • Facilitate furloughed to undertake economic-activity through volunteering, thereby reducing anxiety and potential mental health issues, but at the same time, allowing them to gain new skills and experiences to improve their chances of securing employment in a post-pandemic world.
  • Increase the survival of tech startups through volunteered talent, so that they can strengthen their propositions and be there to leverage when the good times return.
  • Make a contribution to our NHS heroes.

Current volunteer opportunities

Helping the Employers with their furloughed

Furloughed Life for the Enterprise

During the furloughed period, you must be concerned about the employee anxiety as well as their mental health.

Why not work with us to find mentally stimulating value creating opportunities where your employees can gain tech startup experience?

When they returned back to normal duties, they will now have new skills and experiences which could help to take your business to the next level.

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