I did it! I met my team goals, hit my targets and was managing my projects very well. The first couple of months of 2020 were pretty much going as planned for me professionally. Behold, then came the mighty pandemic and shook our entire community. With lockdown
and other restrictions creeping upon us, my organisation quickly bounced into WFH mode. Kudos to the team, from arranging laptops for the team members to regularly connecting with us, they are doing a fantastic job.  

My organisation decided to use the Government’s Furlough Scheme, and I was one among the many to be enrolled in this scheme. Beyond my regular 9-5 job, I always wanted to use my skills to help those who could benefit from the modern-day marketing tactics. But busywork-life never allowed me time to go ahead and pursue something different. I love keeping my mind engaged with something challenging, and Furloughed.life was the perfect digital volunteering platform for me.

With a pool of exciting projects, I got in touch with one of the founders of Furloughed.life via LinkedIn, signed up and applied for some volunteering projects – it was as simple as that. Furloughed.life has structured, clear and precise deliverables for every project with flexible volunteering hours. I could easily pick up a volunteering project and collaborate from the comfort of my home.

One of the startups in this exciting tech start-up community is AI-based, Riddlebox. Transitioning from a consultancy to an online SaaS model, the digital transformation project introducing their wellbeing app was an exciting space for me. Without any hassle, I was quickly able to get in
touch with the team, some necessary introduction calls, NDA & I was in; really appreciate the ease-of-communication.

It has been three months since then, from the overall marketing strategy, the customer value proposition to putting our first video out, I have seen positive growth over this period. We now look forward to launching our new Wellbeing app in a week. The core team at Furloughed.life is impressive, there are weekly check-ins with volunteers to see how they are doing, what else is needed etc. Plus, it is an inspiring forum, where one can get creative & try new ideas in a safe space with minimum risk. 

So, what can one aim to accomplish at the end of such a volunteering project?

  1. I would definitely say, an added experience which will enhance your profile.
  2. Better insights into a technology business, especially the aftereffects of this pandemic
  3. Networking: Regardless of work experience, I would recommend Furloughed.life to anyone who would like to take on a challenging project in tech space. In turn, you help a thriving tech start-up survive and grow.

Author: Yogeeta Chirekhani

With 7 years of experience in B2B Marketing, empathy and resilience are Yogeeta’s strong forte. She brings expertise in marketing strategy and budget planning, digital marketing and demand generation campaigns. She is a fitness freak with love for Yoga.

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