Credits go to:

  • Ant Chisnall – Driver Net
  • Chris McCarthy – Focus 5 Recruitment
  • Manoj Ranaweera – Techcelerate
  • Ram Raghavan – AiRA
  • Russell Groves – Training Sensei
  • Rami El-Boghdadly
  • Thomas Porteus – Iatro Partners
  • Yogeeta Chirekhani

Initial Idea

Came to Manoj Ranaweera whilst having a conversation with Ant Chisnall on 1st April 2020


A team was formed to take the idea forward on 2nd April 2020 at a meeting held on Zoom. The team includes Manoj Ranaweera, Chris McCarthy and Ram Raghavan. Thomas Porteus volunteered to host Furloughed Life and provide any infrastructure advice. Yogeeta Chirekhani responded to our call for social media marketing help.


Russell Groves of Training Sensei volunteered their e-learning platform.


Rami El-Boghdadly suggested to Manoj Ranaweera on 20th April 2020 that Furloughed Life could go on to de-risk tech investments through provision of a readily available talent pool.