Connecting local shoppers with local businesses through an e-commerce marketplace and social good.

We have two strands to our startup, the first is the Lokoli directory – find local businesses that offer delivery or collection. Lokoli.uk is a searchable directory currently containing around 1,000 businesses that offer local delivery or collection. It has not yet been marketed due to other commitments but is fully functional and begging for some love and attention!

The second is our Lokoli digi-local marketplace which aims to connect local shoppers with local businesses and support social good via inbuilt charity donation. This platform is currently in development and will be for UK market only to begin with. We anticipate first cohort of users being given access mid-July 2020.

The company is 100% self-funded by the solo-founder with fundraising commencing mid-late July 2020. We are seeking volunteers to help get us to the next stage, thus further opportunities may be available in the founding team &/or via an offer of employment post-funding.

Either way, I will think of some way of honouring and thanking everybody who donates their time or resource 🙂

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