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Not so long ago, few people knew what a ‘furloughed employee’ was. Now, millions of people know and, as you’ve seen, it has a website.

Training Sensei are delighted to have teamed up with Furloughed.Life to help furloughed employees stay on their game. is a forum whereby furloughed staff can volunteer for full or part-time roles to gain new experiences and improve skills by working with other innovative startup businesses during the Covid-19 lockdown.

To help furloughed employees in these challenging times we’re providing complimentary access to the Training Sensei learning lounge ABSOLUTELY FREE for the duration of the government’s Coronavirus Opportunity Retention Scheme. You will receive access to our entire Learning Lounge where the best personal development and learning opportunities are available.

We truly hope that we can help furloughed employees turn this time into a period of growth — to learn and develop skills that will have a long-lasting benefit. You can learn how to use the latest software tools, develop your influence and persuasion skills, look after your mental wellbeing or simply satisfy your curiosity with something new.

The world will look very different when all this is over and we want you to feel equipped and empowered to take on the new challenges this will bring.

It’s our way of saying thanks to all those who are still trying to make it happen.

To get your free access to Training Sensei’s learning lounge, just send an email confirming registration on site as a volunteer.

Russell Groves, CEO, Training Sensei


Russell Groves is the Founder and CEO of Training Sensei. Having spent 10 years working with SMEs as a business coach, he identified the challenge that smaller businesses are disadvantaged when it comes to training their teams, versus the larger corporates. He created Training Sensei to address this imbalance and the business is currently enjoying rapid growth.

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