1. Registration
  2. Posting an Opportunity
  3. Volunteering for an Opportunity
  4. Your Dashboard
  5. Subscriptions
  6. Known Issues
    • Accounts and Subscriptions
    • Account Management


1. Registration

Make sure you select from the top tabs on the registration popup to register either as a Volunteer (Candidate) or as a Tech Company (Employer).

2.Posting an Opportunity

You need to create an account before Opportunities can be published. Unless you are a Techcelerate Tech Company, you need to subscribe to a monthly subscription plan.

Please follow the following process:

  • Register for a Tech Company account (Employer on registration popup).
  • We will visit your website to make sure you a tech (product) company.
  • We will request you to subscribe to a pricing plan.
  • Once subscribed, we will approve your account.
If you are not a tech (product) company, I am sorry we cannot help you. We want to remain focus as this is Techcelerate’s response to Covid-19.


Once approved (and subscribed), there is one additional process you need to complete due to how the web application is setup, as we had to use commercially available software to create Furloughed Life quickly.

  • Login to your account and the Dashboard
  • Click Submit an Opportunity 

Submit Opportunity
  • Click Get Started
  • Fill the form ignoring anything regarding salary. 
  • Submit the form.
  • You will now be taken WooCommerce check-out form, which is totally unnecessary and confusing, but until we have a professional WordPress PHP Developer, this is the best the current team of volunteers have managed to come up with (if you really want to know, Manoj can’t code).
  • Now you need to fill all the mandatory fields and confirm acceptance of terms of use.
  • Click PLACE ORDER.
  • Please try not to click View Basket or go back.
Checkout form
  • On next page please do not select CONTINUE SHOPPING. 
  • Click on View Opportunity to see the published Opportunity.
  • Click Submit an Opportunity to publish further Opportunities
  • Please select Add Listing and not Get Started
  • Keep publishing as many Opportunities as you can create for Furloughed using this method.

3. Volunteering for an Opportunity

You need to create an account before you can apply for an Opportunity. You also need to complete your profile as much as possible before you can apply. Please check the bottom left for completion percentage. Try to it get over 80% completion.

4. Your Dashboard

Your Dashboard is where you can manage your profile and opportunities. Click on your avatar on top right to access the Dashboard.

5. Subscriptions

We have setup a simple monthly subscription. Please check the pricing.

6. Known Issues

Accounts and Subscriptions

At present, we have to manually connect Subscriptions to your account for the Tech Companies. We suggest you follow the following process:

  • Create an account as explained above.
  • Subscribe to a plan.
  • Let us know you have subscribed and we will approve your account.
  • Publish your opportunities.

I hope you would not mind the above two-step process. Please note publishing Opportunities is only for tech companies. If you are in doubt, please seek clarification first before creating an account.

Account Management

As we have quickly built the website, there are elements which does not provide a great user experience. We apologise and plan to remedy these over the coming days and weeks.