About us

We are a group of passionate individuals who want to democratise recruitment and we want to do that using our platform AiRA( Artificial Intelligence Recruiting Assistant). Our platform uses behavioural as well as Machine learning algorithms to understand and match a specific role to individuals. The engine tries to match individual values, behaviours, comptencies, aptitude etc against a role without revealing their identity and there by addressing unconscious bias that makes people recruit who they like than who is fit for the role. By matching values the platform also screens for attitude and fit at a deeper level.  Our management team is based in the UK and our technical team is based in India. We believe in building positive and long last relationships with our people, clients and suppliers. We would love to have you on board and be part of this journey.

The role

We are looking for a volunteer who can help us standardise the content across our website and app. If crossing the “t”s and dotting the “i’s” is your cup of tea, we would love to hear from you.

Time investment: 4 to 8 hours a week

We are looking for some who can

Plan, write and improve navigational labels, UX content, web page content, and training materials, according to content standards and guidelines
Create self-help guides/ content to smoothen user journey
Create content that will motivate and entertain users so that they regularly access the website and utilize it as a major source for information and decision-making
Identify a set of keywords pertaining to the recruitment sector that would help improve SEO and
Create a framework for blogs and content which will enhance site visibility

Your reward

A free behaviour profile to help you understand your strengths and areas of opportunity
Free access to our platform once we go live for a year.
Include this project as part of your portfolio to showcase your skill
We will be happy to provide you with a reference for your next role
Be featured as part of our blog at the end of the project