The Challenge

Analyse weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual investment data of UK tech companies to generate insights.


About Us

Deal Lite is a product and a brand of Techcelerate, and not yet a separate company. Our team now includes a full time employee, a part time employee and a volunteer. We are looking for you to join as the second volunteer.

If you are familiar of Crunchbase, think of Deal Lite as the Crunchbase for the UK. If you are familiar with Beauhurst, we like to be a lighter version of Beauhurst.


Your rewards

Please note this is a voluntary opportunity and there is no financial compensation. But we can offer the followings:

– 12 months of free deal news.
– 12 months of free access to Deal Lite.
– If you have not done anything like this before, then the ability to build a new skill which you can apply to solve other problems.
– We will add a Credits Page to the website and mention your name.
– You can add us and the work you completed to your Linkedin profile.
– We are happy to give you a reference.