We are a new online marketplace that connects local independent businesses from the UK with local shoppers and gives back to the local community through inbuilt charitable donations.

The marketplace has been developed as a result of helping a small local wine merchant transition from ‘100% bricks and mortar’ to a hybrid online-offline model during COVID-19 lockdown. The impact it had on that business and everyone involved, including the local community, has been phenomenal.

Now we are making that impact possible at scale.

How you can help

We are an early-stage startup seeking someone from a public relations / communications background who would like to assist with our initial launch in August 2020 to a UK audience.

Our brand is purpose-driven and backed by a social good, kindness economy and ‘giving back’ ethos. Our initial target audience is passionate independent businesses in the UK who primarily serve a local community in a direct, face-to-face manner (bricks n mortar, market stalls, food trucks –  farm shops, delis, off-licenses, fruit n’ veg, artisan stores, cafes, restaurants and home-kitchen cupcake creators).


The company is currently 100% bootstrap/self-funded by the founder, with the intention of seeking investment in August/September. This is an unpaid, volunteer role for someone who wants to put their skillset to use whilst on furlough (or otherwise just itching to do something!). Whilst there is potential for it to progress into an opportunity for a paid role upon funding, there is no guarantee.

We’d love to connect and work with someone who appreciates our vision of empowering local businesses, delivering social good and having a massive positive impact on local communities.

If you’ve got this far, thanks for reading and we’d love to hear from you.

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