Wadaro develops Software products for license to Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) world-wide directly and through international channel partners.


We are a Department of International Trade (DIT) Export Champion having been recognised for our successful engagement with MNOs abroad.


The rate of technology change in our industry remains high and this can be observed in the PR circulating about 5G deployments.  Wadaro necessarily needs to continually evolve and support products and respond to customer demand for roadmap developments.


We are expert at developing Javacard Software for application in SIM cards and the associated analysis of the data those Software produce.  Much of what we do now in hosted in Cloud product offered by providers such as Google, Amazon and Microsoft.


The size of our product deployments is measured by the number of concurrently active Javacard Applets installed in SIMs deployed on real mobile networks.  ‘Small’ deployments are counted in 100k+ Applets.  We have deployments on our horizon counted in millions.


We wish to explore current technologies that enable flexible scaling up & down of our server stack and that minimised the need for operational management.  We currently focus on Docker, Kubernetes and Puppet but are open to other ideas.


We seek someone who would like to engage in some casual R&D with an emphasis on ‘R’.  We will provide access to accounts at cloud providers, have a mass of test data from past deployments and will participate in the research with you.


Wishing you and yours great health.