Furloughed Life for the Enterprise

Most companies, both small and large are affected by the Covid-19 pandemic one way or the other. As a large company, you may have furloughed many of your personnel. Whilst they cannot continue with normal work during the furloughed period without breaching government rules, we might be able to help them and you.

You as an employer wants a workforce with a diverse skill base. There was a period where large companies like you tried to function like tech startups to bring innovation within. People even came up with the silly title “Intrapreneur”. You may have partnered with accelerator programmes paying hundreds of thousands of GBP, but most of these could not bring the level of innovation you expected nor create so-called Intrapreneurs.

But thanks to furlough and Furloughed Life, you have a unique opportunity to get your furloughed staff to learn new skills willingly without having to push them shouting and screaming through company financed training programmes.

We know you care about the mental health of the furloughed. As they cannot undertake economic activity and whilst the country is in lockdown, any mental stimulus now could avoid secondary health issues of tomorrow.

Work with us. Introduce us to your furloughed personnel. We will find out what additional skills and experiences they would like to gain. We will speak to our tech startups, and create voluntary opportunities where:

  • The furloughed learn new skills and experiences doing something they could not do within your business, but always wanted to.
  • Startups use the contribution of the furloughed to strengthened their value proposition increasing survival and then be at the top of the list when the good times return.

What other opportunity is there for your staff to work with highly innovative unstructured and chaotic startups? The only opportunity before Furloughed Life came was to leave the job and join a tech startup. Now they don’t need to. Simply use the furloughed period.

Speak to us for tailoring a programme to suit your furloughed staff today. Any profits generated will be granted to the NHS, our health heroes.

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